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All Smokers Are Not The Same

So I Offer Two Different Programmes

To Suit Your Needs And Your Budget.


1. Quit Now Online  Audio – Quit cigarettes Gold Programme

This is a successful and extremely cost effective way to quit smoking! It’s perfect for busy people, those who can’t get to a hypnotherapy session or if you are budget conscious. It is the closest thing you can experience to a in clinic session.

For all your quit audio programme information…Plus a Free copy of Your Quit smoking Guide just leave your details in the box to the right


2. Quit Now Platinum  In Clinic Programme includes.

  • Your Emailed questionnaire, to gather all your important information to be used in the session.
  • The myth busting pre-session online video.
  • Your full in clinic or on Skype  iChange Quit session.
  • the 3 track stress buster CD to take home.
  • Follow up stress management online video
  • Your next step to great health e-book.
  • Support Hypnosis CD

 The Quit Now Platinum Support Programme is an investment of just $297 in either my Buderim or Brisbane South Bank or Toowoomba clinics, or for  home visits in those areas

I’m sure you will immediately know which programme is right for you. You know yourself better than anyone else can. Either way the cost is covered very quickly by becoming a non smoker.

There is no one size fits all with smokers. The majority of people will quit with just one session, but if you have had multiple failures in the past or if you experience strong anxiety, then perhaps you may need a second session.

Either way with the cost of smoking you will recover your fee very quickly.



Breathing easier in just one week and having more energy and sleeping better.

Plus everyday your body recovers you are removing the nasty health risks that all smokers are all too aware about.

30 red phone

 I know that quitting is a big deal for you. and I treat it as a big deal as well. If you would like to discuss how it will work for you feel free to call me on 1300 203 422. If I can’t answer I’m most likely helping someone just like you to quit. But I will return your call ASAP



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 The Quickest And Easiest Way

To Quit Smoking For Life.


You know what you don’t want!

  • Being a slave to cigarettes.
  • Wasting a fortune.
  • Ruining your health and risking serious illness.
  • Smelling like an ashtray.
  • Being nagged by family and friends.
  • Having to be unsociable at restaurants, work and even at home

You certainly know what you do want!

  • To breathe easily.
  • To be just another non smoker.
  • To give yourself a big pay rise.
  • To free yourself from the grip of cigarettes.
  • To feel safe from the risks of smoking.
  • For your family to stop worrying about you.
  • Have more energy.
  • Sleep better.
  • Quit without gaining weight
  • Find a better way to manage stress.


What I do is to help you to finally break free from smoking.


 It’s estimated that the average smoker will live

10-14 years longer by quitting.


So far we have added well over 3,650,000 Days Plus

to the lives of Australian Husbands, Wives,

Mothers, Fathers, Sons & Daughters!

These figures are staggering but are the real life

benefits of helping over 1,000 people just like you

to Quit Cigarettes


That’s 10,000-14,000 Plus Years Of

Life Taken Back. When Do You Want To

Join this Happy Group?



Call 1300 203 422 Now To Be A Non Smoker


Helping Smokers To Quit On The  Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Caboolture, North Lakes, And Surrounding Areas.

Don’t worry if you live in regional or remote areas I have a highly successful way to help you. Just Click Here to find out how.


Ch 7 Television Quit smoking Interview With Ian Newton

If you have absolutely had enough of being controlled by cigarettes, if you are sick to death of waking up coughing, if you hate having to go outside in the sun or rain just to draw in some more poisonous smoke…then you really need to come and see us to quit.

Best Part: No gnawing cravings, no withdrawal symptoms, no anxiety or anger!…Just quit and forget about smoking forever

…and the great news is that you are just a phone call away from being free from the grip of cigarettes forever.

Just call 1300 203 422 now to set a time to discuss this most important issue.


This is the 7 step Platinum process which will free you from smoking for life.

1. You receive a link via email to a video which is your introduction to the process, this will also bust some of your long held beliefs about smoking. The purpose is for you to take this information on board in your own time, any questions arising will be answered when you come in for your quit session.

If you don’t have email we will go through this information at the beginning of your session.

2. Your intake questionnaire will be sent by email. This gets you thinking about all your triggers, and favorite smoking places and your important reasons for quitting. This information will form the basis for your session.

Again if you don’t have email it can be posted to you or if necessary completed when you arrive for your session.

3. When you attend your quit session all your smoking history will be addressed, and you will discover a powerful method to manage stress in your life. Plus you will learn new behaviors to replace smoking.

4. You take a three track CD home with you,  designed to assist you to quickly rehabilitate your lungs and ir re-enforces the stress techniques you have just learned. Also a simple way to trigger your new non smoking feelings.

5. The night of your session you will receive my ebook “Your Next Step To Great Health” which is designed to not only support you as a non smoker , but to give you valuable tips on well being gathered from my 30 years in Natural health.

6. You also receive a video link which clearly explains an important method for reducing stress, anxiety and negative beliefs in your life. You can even use this method to improve your golf game!

7. You receive a support audio CD designed to play daily for at least a week.


Your Frequently Asked Questions.

Q.  Why don’t you offer a life time like some others?

Simple, a life time guarantee means nothing.  Whose life, yours, theirs? People move or quit, and the guarantee goes with them. I’ve seen many people in this business come and go, but years later I’m still here helping people to become non smokers every day.

Q. Some people are much more expensive than you, whats the difference?

A. I can’t speak for others, I get great results and you will be far less out of pocket.

Q. What happens if I can’t quit.

A.  We may need to do a second session with a different strategy, but even the combined cost of $394 is still good value. After helping over 1300 people to quit I estimate about 5% of people will need a second session. this leaves about 3% that I can’t help. Unfortunately this is life in the real world of helping people with difficult problems.

Q. Does the audio programme work as well?

A. The preferred option is a one to one session, but having seen so many people I have worked how exactly what needs to be in an audio programme. I estimate a 85% success rate. Given that it’s only $69 with a 30 guarantee, then why not?

Q. Why do you give a guarantee with the audio programme but not the in clinic session?

A. It’s just to give you confidence in doing something in a different way.


Mathews Quit smoking Experience


You Can Experience The Specialised Quit Programme Which…


  • Makes quitting smoking painless
  • Requires no major life changes.
  • Uses no dangerous drugs or chemicals.
  • Shows you how to handle stress without cigarettes.
  • Needs no patches needles or pills.
  • Doesn’t cause you to gain weight.

In just a few minutes I’ll show you how you can quit smoking for life using our fast effective  iChange Method. We guarantee that you will quit for life easily and permanently. No cravings, no stress, no pain!  Big call? Maybe…

 But please let me explain and I’ll tell you what this is all about…Like most smokers I’m sure you have tried to quit before, you may be angry and frustrated with yourself for starting again. 

You may feel skeptical that we can help you, and you may feel nervous about being without a smoke, In the past you may have used patches, medications, or gone cold turkey.

 All of these methods claim to be successful, but none of them address the most important thing about quitting…YOU!

 Smoking when you are stressed.

Smoking when you are on the phone.

Smoking when socialising.

Smoking when you have tea, coffee or alcohol.

Smoking after a meal.

Smoking when you drive.

Smoking in a particular chair on your veranda, or when you drive a certain route.


In fact most times you smoke it isn’t about nicotine at all. It’s about the habits and rituals you have with smoking, it’s about boredom or concentrating or taking a break or relaxing.

girl time to quit

 Isn’t It Time For You To quit Now

You may have tried various methods to quit,but it’s not your fault that you weren’t successful in the past.


  • The tobacco companies got you hooked. Their ads convinced you it was cool.
  • You wanted to just like your friends when you were young
  • The pharmaceutical companies sold you drugs that had little effect.
  • The media kept reminding you of how hard it is to quit.
  • The government bombarded you with gruesome images of diseased smokers, and no smoking signs which have been shown to cause many smokers to crave another cigarette.
  • The government are concerned but they still want your taxes. If they were serious they would have banned smokes 20 years ago.
  • Doctors advise you to stop but their best advice doesn’t  work for most people.


I Can Help You To take back control of your life.


Without the risk of easily returning to smoking at the first sign of stress or alcohol.

Be free from the control of smoking, from the limits that smoking places on your life, from the well intentioned nagging of family and friends and from all the risks that the government try to scare you with.

You know the scare campaigns don’t work! You know that even losing a family member or a close friend to smoking hasn’t been enough to make you quit!

But you also know how frustrated and angry you are with yourself for not being able to quit for good up until now.



 13 reasons to quit now with The  iChange Method.

1. 92 out of every 100 clients quit in just one session!

2. You will quit without cravings or at worst mild temporary discomfort, but it is worth it!

4. You get 5 specific strategies to prevent you from smoking again.

5. We show you how to quickly rehabilitate your lungs.

6. We help you manage stress without cigarettes.

7. Every cigarette delivers 150 toxic chemicals to your brain.

8.  Every smoke spreads 4000 nasty chemicals through your blood stream.

9.  Never have to go outside in the hot or cold to smoke again.

10.  Your partner will enjoy being close to you again.

11.  Your lungs will function better in just a few days.

12.  No more hacking cough and less colds.

13.  No more hiding from your kids when you smoke.

14.  No more nasty glares from strangers when smoking in public.



  • If you are sick of being controlled by cigarettes.
  • If you have had enough of being robbed of your health
  • and your hard earned cash. you have come to the right place.
  • Plus it doesn’t matter if you have tried patches, drugs or acupuncture.
  • We can help you, with the  iChange Quit Smoking Method which will free you from the chains of smoking for life.



Just pick up the phone right now and speak with us on 1300 203 422 .

or just email me at newld@iinet.net.au


  5 Steps To Ensure You Remain A Non Smoker for Life

1. Bust the stress and smoking myth

 2. Reinforce your negative feelings about smoking again

 3. Learn a powerful anti smoking strategy

 4. Discover 3 stress busting breathing techniques

 5. Take away a special reminder to keep you away from cigarettes

I’m sure you are beginning to see that you will be able to quit smoking easily using our method.

girl kicking cigarette


Imagine For A Minute…

Waking up, taking a deep breath as you turn the kettle on for your morning cuppa, no coughing, no wheezing, no weird feelings in your chest.

You take another deep breath, you have more energy and feel younger. All because you took action and quit with our programme.

You realise you are finally free from cigarettes, no more planning your day around smoke break sand your clothes and hair smell fresh and clean.

You have thousands of dollars more in your pocket each year and you finally feel much more relaxed in social situations.

No having to excuse yourself and stand outside in the heat or cold, you look with pity at the smokers huddled in the small smoking spot near the cinema in the drizzling rain and…

You know that your body is recovering every day, taking you further and further away from being the one in two smokers who will die from a smoking related illness.


You continue to hide your habit from family, friends or your doctor and you are still angry and frustrated with yourself.

You still have to endure those times in the office, while traveling or at social functions when you couldn’t light up, or had to go outside in the heat or rain to smoke.

You have robbed yourself of years of good health and time with your loved ones and you are continuing to age prematurely.


“By Now… You Should Know what To Do Next”

  • Decide once and for all that you have had enough of Smoking.
  • Book your in person or group appointment with us. Just call 1300 203 422
  • Turn up for your appointment on time.
  • Pay the Platinum $297 at the start of the session. Now you are fully committed!
  • Be 100% committed to change.
  • Allow the process to work, remember anyone can be hypnotised if they are just willing to participate.
  • Follow the advice I give you.


I know that many of you who are reading this have quit several times only to fall back again.  This was frustrating and disappointing. This was because you didn’t have the right support in place to ensure your long term success. No pharmaceutical drug can ever do that!

 You have 3 options.

1. Do nothing and continue poisoning yourself.

2.Find a cheaper alternative, but risk not having the results or the support.

3. Book your session and feel confident in my method and my backup.

The money you spend on quitting, is money you will be

wasting on cigarettes anyway if you don’t quit.

 You can invest that money on your health or continue to fund

the cigarette companies and the government!

 Quit with a friend or family member, or just find another smoker and save.  Please note that the hypnosis sessions are done separately.

 Quit for the important people in your life, but firstly quit for yourself.

 Just pick up the phone and make your no risk, life changing appointment.

1300 203 422

You will soon be breathing fresh clean air into lungs

You will soon be breathing fresh clean air into lungs

We don’t just want you to quit… We want you to feel great!

The faster your body recovers the better, the more you understand how to remain healthier, the better, and the less stressed and happier you will be. Which in turn increases your long term success.

The more you can take control of your well-being because you have the knowledge and the skills required the less dependent you will ever be on external sources.

 By now you should know what you want…

 You are already paying a fortune to be unhealthy! So…

 My question to you is how much is your health worth?

 And how much will you save in the next year? $3000-$6000!

Most clients say it’s not really about the money, but… What could you do for yourself or your family with that money? Whose life could you change? What kind of holiday would you have? What charity would benefit from your cigarette cash.


The fee to you to radically change your health and perhaps even save your life is $69 for the Gold Programme,

Or $297 for your in clinic session

So just pick up the phone call 1300 203 422 and we can discuss how you will quit smoking for life.

I look forward to working with you to assist you to a long healthy life

Ian Newton

PS. 92 out of every 100 smokers quit successfully on the first visit.

PPS. On average my clients recover their fee in under 2 weeks.

PPPS. You have the $69 audio option

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