Quitting smoking…Take Five It’s Important

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Hi Future Non Smoker

Most of us are familiar with the term to take five, but it has a special importance for you when quitting smoking.

The only possible benefit that smoking brings is that smokers often take a break to have their cigarette.  Over time these cigarettes are given magical powers such as helping you to think or relax. The simple fact is that it is the break itself that provides the benefit, the smoke is just the excuse to take the break.

In the mining industry in the past it would be common for a miner to stop, have a smoke and survey a rock wall or similar. It was often during these times that problems would be noticed. This time is so important that it is now standard procedure in the mines to take five.

Smoking is no longer allowed but the time out is. Many potentially hazardous situations are recognised and dealt with because of take five.

So what does this mean for you as a smoker wanting to quit? If you look at your smoking habit you will be able to identify those cigarettes which you have that are connected with taking five.

Sitting on your patio, or in your car before work.

The recharging smokes at morning or afternoon tea.

A few precious minutes near the back door or your work place.

The after work, wind down on your back deck alone or with your partner. Etc etc

You have your special smoking moments, which rightly you will miss when you quit cigarettes. Many people will give up these moments in the belief that they will trigger them to smoke. But this is a big mistake, because quickly you may feel twice as bad, no smokes and way to relax.

Firstly to remind you it’s the break which gives you the benefits, so it is important that you continue to take five. What you need is a new strategy.

First you can do simple things like sit in a different chair when you make phone calls. The same when you relax outside at home. Try a different cafe or again face a different way in your favourite.

Some people will stop having their breaks because they don’t feel justified, if they don’t have a reason to stop. Remember these break are important to your stress levels and decision making, so grab a cup of tea or coffee or just stop to take a few deep breaths or just stare out of the window.

These simple strategies are much more powerful than you can imagine and are made even more effective when you use hypnosis to quit smoking, because all those old habits will be addressed and your new take five habits introduced.


To quit smoking the fast easy way just call me for a complementary chat on 1300 203 422 in Australia.

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Ian Newton

Quitting Smoking…What If You forgot To smoke!

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Hi Future Non Smoker

This sounds impossible right? But my aunt who was a heavy smoker until recently, suddenly stopped because she forgot she was a smoker.

She has Alzheimer’s disease, this isn’t what stopped her, in fact she was smoking heavily because she lost track of how many she smoked per day. The ashtrays and smokes in her environment were a constant reminder.

But then she fell and broke her hip. After a week in hospital she asked her husband for a smoke. He replied, why would you want a smoke? You quit twenty years ago. She just agreed and hasn’t smoked since.

A little deceptive, certainly, yet in the interests of her health, he did the same when she came home and she asked for alcohol. So what happened to her nicotine cravings, developed from fifty years as a heavy smoker.

Surely she would of had strong uncomfortable feelings, maybe angry, perhaps weird sensations in her stomach, it would be expected that even though her short term memory was poor she would have had a bank of memories of smoking in the past, but she had none of these.

Does Alzheimer’s negate the effect of nicotine? which according to many is the a highly addictive drug which causes strong withdrawal symptoms, so strong that many smokers attempt to quit several times before finally succeeding. These so called physical symptoms should persist in spite of memory.

The reality is It’s not surprising she felt no cravings, it’s because the real cravings are powerful subconscious connections to smoking, not some chemical addiction over which you have no control.

 Don’t believe it? Then think for a minute about when do you smoke? After food, coffee, on the phone,  when driving, when you need to think, etc etc. What do any of these things have to do with nicotine?

There is another way to forget to smoke, another way to be free from the clutches of cigarettes, without having to struggle with cold turkey, plaster toxic patches on your body or even take mind bending pharmaceuticals.

Hypnosis is the solution, the safe fast way to change the memory in your unconscious. It can be done without any of the stress or trauma of experiencing a life changing disease such as Alzheimer’s.

However for most people the effect of forgetting about smoking is no less powerful. Many have no connection, some a little and some have to work a little harder, but all in all your best option.

To quit smoking the fast easy way just call me for a complementary chat on 1300 203 422 in Australia.

 For those who can’t come to my clinics on the Sunshine Coast or Toowoomba we can easily help you quit smoking anywhere in the world. Just email me at newld@iinet.net.au. (paste into your email page) For details on how you can be free from smoking for life.

All the best

Ian Newton

Quitting Smoking…Do Non smokers Create Quit Ads?

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Hi Future Non Smoker

Quit smoking advertisements whether they be, on television or on cigarette packets, tend to focus on shock value and motivating smokers through fear. I’m guessing but I highly suspect that the quit ads are created by non smokers.

A non smoker will think that these grisly images will obviously scare anybody into quitting cigarettes for good. But having worked with over a thousand smokers I am convinced that they have little effect.

I asked every client about the current television ads or images on packets and their answer is always the same. They don’t see it. They just filter it out, or even worse it causes them to want a cigarette.

To quote several clients, when asked what they are thinking when their child sees the scary ads and asks them again to quit. Their answer is uniformly “I want a smoke right now”

The plain green packaging in Australia, seeks to de-brand cigarettes, it certainly makes it harder for shop keepers, but my clients consider it a joke.

International marketing studies have shown that smokers, when shown grisly images such as on packets while in a functional MRI, the smokers craving centres in their brain fire up.

70% of smokers immediately want a cigarette when they see a no smoking sign.

So why do these images get the thumbs up in focus groups?

There are two reasons.

  1. In focus groups there tends to be herd thinking.
  2. People give logical not emotional answers in focus groups. This very much skews the results.

In the study mentioned above the same groups which agreed that the images would stop them smoking were emotionally stimulated in the MRI by the same images.


I would tend to believe a multi million dollar marketing study any day over some government department which thinks it knows best.


True motivation comes in three forms.

  1. Right timing, it has to be the right time for the smoker, not their partner, family, friends or doctor.
  2. Right reasons, there is usually some critical level of dissatisfaction reached where the pain of quitting over powers the pleasure or perceived benefits of smoking.
  3. A decisive moment, such as the diagnosis of a smoking related disorder, or a friend or loved one dying from a smoker related cancer.

If you are at your tipping point, then you can use the current motivation to make the call and book your hypnosis session, this will come as a relief to you and before you know it you will be free from cigarettes.

To quit smoking the fast easy way just call me for a complementary chat on 1300 203 422 in Australia.

 For those who can’t come to my clinics on the Sunshine Coast or Toowoomba we can easily help you quit smoking anywhere in the world. Just email me at newld@iinet.net.au. For details on how you can be free from smoking for life.

All the best

Ian Newton

Quitting Smoking…How Can You be Partly Successful

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Hi Future Non Smoker.

A 20 per day smoker who has been that way for many years may believe it is difficult to believe they can quit easily. However using hypnosis most people can and do quit quickly, but sometimes a person only partially quits.

Perhaps they reduce down to maybe just five a day. So what is happening, it looks like it partially worked. And that’s exactly what happened. Imagine your subconscious is like a filling cabinet, with a file marked smoking.

If you only partially quit there are two possibilities.

1. The smoker was not 100% percent committed to quitting.

2. There was an important piece of information not shared with his practitioner, such as a specific trigger or a favourite place to smoke. Either way the smoker was left with a part of him or her or a file which was still active.

You could be excused for thinking that the hypnosis just didn’t work. My experience tells me that if that was the case then there would have been no reduction in the smoking at all. So what to do next? The time it takes for the client to advise me of this still smoking problem is very telling.

If they call me within a day or two it’s most likely a missed trigger, but if I’m contacted two or more weeks later, then there is a good chance that this client lacked a certain amount of commitment in the first place. This suspicion is made more solid when the person’s partner made the initial booking and was the one to follow up.

If this has happened to you then deep down you will know what happened, so you will know what needs to be done when you do a follow up session. More importantly is if you are yet to quit and either you are a little reluctant or being a little causal in your preparation.

Firstly make sure you carefully consider your history and your triggers and report all of this information to your hypnotist. Even more importantly take a hard look at your commitment to quit. Remember that you have to do this for yourself and not for your partner or anyone else in your life.

Please don’t make the mistake of thinking your hypnotist will work their magic, and all you have to do is sit back and it will happen for you. You must bring 100% commitment to the party.

 For those who can’t come to my clinics on the Sunshine Coast or Toowoomba we can easily help you quit smoking anywhere in the world. Just email me at newld@iinet.net.au. For details on how you can be free from smoking for life.

All the best

Ian Newton

How Many Cigarettes Will You Smoke Before you Quit

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Hi Future Non Smokers

When you are questioned about your smoking, you may have some idea about how many you smoke and much it costs you per week, but most sunshine Coast smokers either haven’t thought about it or just don’t want to know about the cost numbers and cost.

The average smoker will smoke 20 cigarettes per day for 20 years before quitting. If you are a young person you might be thinking that you won’t smoke for that long, but all the older smokers in my clinic said exactly the same thing.

Most people bite the bullet at about age 40, when they start to notice changes in their bodies and health and no longer feel bullet proof.

So here are some statistics that my surprise you.

Average smoker smokes 20 per day for 20 years.

That’s 146,000 cigarettes at a cost of approximately $109,500. And if you keep smoking or are new to the habit you will spend about $233,600 for the next twenty years.

Most smokers claim that they smoke to relax. So that’s 36,000 smokes to relax. Of course caffeine and the adrenalin from nicotine aren’t the best way to relax!

Having a smoke with a cuppa is also common on average you will have 24,300 cigarettes with coffee or a cup of tea.

Most smokers will have to walk outside of their office or movie, or dinner to stand in the rain or cold or hot sun about 43,800 times you will have to stand outside with the others smokers often gathered around the closest bin.

You will have to leave family moments 29,200 times that’s about 1,460 hours of potential fun times you have missed out on.

An average person will smoke at least 21,900 when they are bored.

Every smoker has a host of connections to smoking and I’m sure you can see that there isn’t any wonder that it’s a powerful habit.

It’s said that it takes about 30 days to make a new positive habit. So it’s easy to see that during your 146,000 cigarettes you have created such a deep habit that it will take some work to break it.

Rapid Change Hypnosis is the perfect way to break those old smoking habits and create new positive habits for yourself.

You will find other ways to relax, and manage boredom. You won’t have to stand in the cold and the rain any more when you friends and family and co workers are inside in comfort.


To quit smoking the fast easy way just leave your details in the box to the right or call 1300 203 422 in Australia.

We can easily help you quit smoking anywhere in the world via Skype. Just leave your details in the box to the right and we can make contact. And free you from smoking ASAP

All the best

Ian Newton

Why Coffee Is Of No Benefit To Sunshine Coast Smokers

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Hi Future Non smokers

Who likes to start their day with a coffee? Well if you’re like me then that first coffee is essential to get going. Smokers on the Sunshine coast typically like to start their day with a smoke and a hot brew.

I’m sure of all have heard the frequent media reports about how good coffee is for you. The latest research shows that coffee improves life extension in all areas, with the extent of cancer. This is fantastic news.

It even seems that the more the better. Six cups or more is recommended in the study. The benefits could come from the natural anti-oxidants. In America, coffee is the number one source of these important life giving nutrients.

There was however one big negative in the study. Smokers not only didn’t get the benefits that non smokers received from coffee, there was actually a negative effect.

It seems that combining coffee with cigarettes further reduces life span than just smoking alone. As if the cigarettes weren’t bad enough now smokers are even at greater risk of premature death.

It’s a double whammy, but there is a solution, you could stop drinking coffee and just reduce your risks to the level of smoking, which isn’t very good anyway. Or stop smoking and start benefiting from drinking coffee.

The choice is obvious, or so it would seem. The question is that, does another layer of bad news really make any difference to smokers. Sadly it seems it probably doesn’t. The reason being that no matter what form of bad behaviour we indulge in, we will tend to filter out the negative effects and only think about what that behaviour gives us.

We do this because our subconscious thinks its protecting us. The solution is quite simple. Give the subconscious a reason to change its mind. If you just try and use logic your conscious mind will take that on board, but because the subconscious drives your bus it will still resist any change.

Repaid Change quit smoking programme which gets fast results that allow you to get off the cigarettes fast with a minimum of stress and no weight gain. It works so well because using hypnosis we can access your subconscious and remove the old programming and introduce some new positive beliefs which now support you in your efforts to be a non smoker.

The point is you can transform your life and become a fresh air breathing person for life.

To quit smoking the fast easy way just leave your details in the box to the right or call 1300 203 422 in Australia.

We can easily help you quit smoking anywhere in the world via Skype. Just leave your details in the box to the right and we can make contact. And free you from smoking ASAP

All the best

Ian Newton

Quitting Smoking In Toowoomba In 2013

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Hi Future Non smokers

For every Toowoombat smoker there is something very special about 2013. It’s either the year that you smoke another 7,300 cigarettes on average or the year that you quit smoking for good

It’s the year that you take another step towards a major health problem or the year in which you take a massive step towards a long healthy life.

There are just two questions to answer.
1. When? The answer is simple… as soon as possible.
2. How? The answer is easier than you might think.

Most smokers have tried many methods including nicotine patches or lozenges, Champix, cold turkey, Laser and acupuncture. I know this because on my intake form most clients tick most or all of these for their past attempts.

Rapid Change hypnosis provides the perfect solution because the problem is not what most smokers think it is.

University research shows clearly that nicotine replacement therapy doesn’t work. For decades nicotine has been promoted as the reason that people have problems quitting. So it would seem that all you need to do to quit is to stick some patches on your shoulders and your problem will be solved.

Many people reading this will know that the problem wasn’t solved, and many will admit to smoking while wearing the patches.

If you stop for a moment and make a list of all the times you smoke you will notice that most of your cigarettes are connected to other events.
Such as having a beer, wine, coffee or tea. Talking on the phone, driving or trying to think.

Some are emotional connections such as boredom, relaxing or when stressed.

Some are time based such as after waking up or with morning tea, lunch or after dinner.

The point is all of these connections are constructed through repetition. Thousands of times of re-enforcing the habit of smoking and any or all of the above connections.
Notice that nicotine addiction is not mentioned above.

This is for a very good reason. Smoking is not about nicotine! I can hear you disagreeing strongly.
But I guarantee that when you next light up a cigarette take a moment to think about whether it is because you are craving a drug or is it because one of the above connections is being activated.

This is the simple reason why Rapid change hypnosis is so successful. We just break the connections to smoking by have a conversation with your sub conscious and suggesting that you can find ways to live your life without cigarettes.

To quit smoking the fast easy way just leave your details in the box to the right or call 1300 203 422 in Australia.

We can easily help you quit smoking anywhere in the world via Skype. Just leave your details in the box to the right and we can make contact. And free you from smoking ASAP
All the best
Ian Newton

Quit Smoking… How To Eliminate The Fear Of Quitting

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Hi future Non Smokers

Some people quit smoking using will power, but most pay for some kind of practitioner service. A big fear is that the process won’t work and that they will waste their money and will continue smoking.

So the question is how can practitioners set their clients minds at ease? When you choose a quit smoking practitioner, they should be able to supply you with genuine testimonials from satisfied clients who have successfully quit.

As humans we are subject to some basic psychological laws, in this case the law of social proof. We tend to feel more comfortable in our dealings if we know that others have been before us. Seeing and reading these successful accounts will reduce the quitting fear.

Another way to instil confidence is if the practitioner offers a guarantee of their services. This is not widely in the health fields and some practitioners will say it’s crazy and just not possible.

I believe it makes perfect sense. The guarantee could be to repeat the process if it is not successful the first time. It could be money back, although this can reduce the commitment of the client.

The combination of the guarantee and social proof should be enough to allow a person to enter the quit smoking process with much reduced fear.

To further ensure comfort a clear understanding of the process is important. You should ask questions and be satisfied with the answers. You should be given some clear information about the role of nicotine in addiction.

Plus you should understand the real role of smoking in managing stress. If you are choosing hypnosis you should be given a clear explanation as to what hypnosis is and what it isn’t.

The last thing you need to do is educate yourself as to the true nature of the dangers of smokers. Knowing clearly the risks, knowing the deceptive nature of nicotine, this information will empower you to approach quitting with conviction and commitment.

This now puts you in a position to quit with a high chance of success. Quitting is so important that you need to do all you can do to save your own life, not anyone else’s life just yours.

Hypnosis is your best chance and choosing the right therapist is critical to your success. Do not take this lightly; do not enter into quitting in a half hearted manner. Do take this very very seriously.

3 Steps To Quitting If You Have Had Past Drug Addictions.

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Hi Future Non Smokers

Many people who are addicted to drugs like heroin, cocaine or alcohol are smokers as well. The patterns of addiction run deep. As each addiction is solved a greater need is taken up by the next addiction in line.

Usually smoking is the last addiction in the queue. The problem now is that cigarettes have been given the task of managing all of the problems that the drugs have been believed to solve.

The key for a previously addicted person to quit the smokes is to come to terms with exactly what the nicotine is managing in their lives and to employ a range of tactics to firstly to prepare for quitting.

1. Congratulate yourself for quitting the other drugs. You have done a fantastic job.
2. Support your body in advance, exercise diet and multi supplements. You don’t have to take radical steps just work your way towards an overall better state of health.
3. Take time to learn to relax and meditate.

These three steps are specifically designed to support and prepare your nervous system for the change ahead, which importantly is going to render you addiction free possibly for the first time in many years.

Once your wellbeing is improved, and this should only take a few weeks the next thing to do is to book an appointment for some hypnosis. By advising your therapist of your exact history you will be able to free yourself of the last chains of addiction.

By breaking all of those old connections and triggers some of which you have been clinging to for years you will be free. But you must avoid falling into a trap.

This trap is trying to fill the void in your life, which drugs used to fill, with some other bad behaviour. The trick is to firstly recognise this void and embrace it. Next some of the void must be filled with healthy behaviours.

This way you will stay drug free. Plus you will become dramatically more healthy. To an extent that you may never have believed possible.

Many smokers trying to quit who have had other addictions are very nervous about quitting cigarettes. So don’t rush in, a few weeks won’t make any difference. Take your time do the three steps prepare yourself physically mentally and emotionally.

Use you past drug withdrawal success as a springboard. You have done it before and you will do it again.

Effects Of quitting Smoking…Can You Taste An Ashtray

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Hi Future Non Smokers

The effects of quitting smoking can be different to everyone. Some predictable some unusual. One client awoke from hypnosis and she was looking pale. I asked if she was OK and she said she felt sick. She couldn’t get the taste of an ashtray out of her mouth.

Of course soon she felt better, but she had focussed on the part of hypnosis that related smoking after meals as just like licking an ashtray. Why exactly she targeted in on this aspect is unknown. But the net result is she developed a strong aversion to smoking.

When you quit smoking using hypnosis its unknown just while part will have the biggest impact on you. For some its aversion, for some it’s the health reasons, or for your children, partner or family.

Good hypnosis is going to cover a lot of bases. The reason it’s important is you don’t know and the therapist doesn’t know just what hypnotic triggers are going to push your quit buttons.

Your subconscious mind is a vast warehouse of thoughts beliefs, attitudes fears etc, unless you undertake a lengthy process of digging into your un conscious mind then you won’t ever know what is really going on in there.

The good news is that you don’t have to waste years digging. Your advanced hypnotherapist knows what to do and will hit the right buttons for you as long as they ask you the exact right questions.

Many smokers will experience no side effects at all from quitting smoking. It is important to realise that, so that you don’t get caught up in the fear of other people experiences. One thing that will stop people from seriously attempting to quit is the fear of what will happen when they do.

If you are avoiding the issue then bear in mind that the worst case scenario if you quit is some minor inconvenience. Even briefly feeling sick after your session is nothing compared to the harm of continuing to quit.

Even lucky smokers, and by lucky I mean those who don’t get cancer or emphysema, diabetes or heart disease, will still suffer a broad range of problems which will still be much worse than any possible side effect from quitting.

So the message is don’t worry about any possible effects from quitting just take a deep breath and go for it, anf you will never look back.

To quit now in Australia just call 1300 203 422 in Brisbane Sunshine Coast or Toowoomba, or leave your details in the box to the side and instantly receive lots more quit smoking information

All the Best

Ian Newton

Do You Think That You Can’t Do Anything Without A Cigarette

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Hi Future Non smokers

Many smokers would not agree that they could do anything without a cigarette. In fact many can’t imagine going for more than a couple of hours without nicotine, let alone managing a crisis without a smoke to calm them down.

A question I frequently ask smokers is what do they think non smokers do when they are stressed, bored etc.

Mostly the smokers look a little blank and admit they really don’t know. They are so locked in to using cigarettes to manage all kinds of situations ranging from the bad to the good to the boring, they lose perspective and understanding of how a person manages life without some kind of brain altering chemical.

This fact accounts for why many smokers are fearful of quitting. It’s not just quitting that is the problem it’s having to face the reality of life without their nicotine support system.

If you are a smoker and you can relate to this then the first thing to acknowledge is that if millions of non smokers can manage their ups and downs in life
then so can you.

When you are down you smoke, when you are up you smoke, when you are bored you smoke and when you are trying to concentrate you smoke. Someone from another planet would think that cigarettes have a magical quality to be able to do all these amazing things.

But if you look closer at the science of nicotine you will see that smoking causes anxiety so it can’t help when you are stressed or anxious.

-Smoking when trying to concentrate doesn’t work either, imagine using 4000 toxic chemicals to try and clear your brain.

-Smoking makes food and drink taste like burnt offerings.

-Smoking makes you, your clothes, hair and car smell like a garbage dump fire.

-Smoking reduces blood flow, and affects the entire cardiovascular system so sex surely isn’t likely to be enhanced.

-Smoking attacks the pancreas making blood sugar balance difficult, therefore your moods will suffer.

Are you still thinking that you can’t do anything without a cigarette, or maybe you have softened your stance, and realise that non smokers can and do manage life just fine without having to light up.

Of course many non smokers can turn to alcohol or drugs or other forms of destructive behaviour, it would seem that stopping smoking doesn’t make us perfect, just healthier, if not wiser.

Don’t Rely On Nicotine Patches

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Hi future non smokers

As a smoker it is highly likely that you have tried nicotine patches. For the majority of you it didn’t work. The reason is simple, quitting smoking is only partially about nicotine so relying on patches isn’t likely to be very successful.

I know smokers who can have two or three patches on and are still smoking. If they are asked to explain why they still want to smoke with their brain full of nicotine they are confused and don’t have an answer. Three patches is the equal of about 250 low tar cigarettes. That is a ridiculous amount of nicotine, yet many smokers still need to light up.

It’s no wonder people have nightmares or insomnia if they try and sleep with the patches on.

The fact is that most people can successfully quit smoking using hypnosis because nicotine is not the primary problem. It’s about the mental and emotional connections, it is these connections that keep you smoking and it is these same connections which will try to drag you back to cigarettes in the future unless you severe the tentacles’ which connect you to them.

So why did nicotine patches become so popular. Because it is the primary drug compound in tobacco. It was noted early on that cigarettes were addictive so it was assumed that nicotine was the whole problem.

Governments boosted the belief by recommending patches be used in quit programmes. Government quit policies are like a huge ocean liner, once sent in a direction they are very hard to stop or turn around.

Nicotine does have a role to play. Clinically we see about 5% of people who need nicotine patches as a way to support hypnosis. These people are believed to have more nicotine receptors on their cells. This means they have a stronger reaction to nicotine.

One Australian academic believes that the hard core smokers can never be without patches. We have not found this to be the case. It is an interesting fact of health that practitioners tend to find what they believe in.

I believe that most people don’t need nicotine to quit smoking and that is what we find clinically. If you have really struggled in the past to quit then there are three very important things to do.

1. Use advanced clinical hypnosis to break the mental bonds of smoking and therefore eliminate cravings.

2. Use stress management methods to prevent a return to smoking when stressed.

3. Use nicotine patches to get you through any tough times

To quit smoking the fast easy way just leave your details in the box to the right or call 1300 203 422 in Australia

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All the best

Ian Newton

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Get Real About Your Habit

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Hi future non smokers

I was sitting in a cafe having breakfast, my wife looked around and asked if someone was smoking. In Australia this is now illegal. There was a fellow standing beside the cafe waiting for a takeaway coffee. He had his cigarette cupped in the palm of his hand.

Somehow the smoker thinks that holding his smoke so it cant be seen that no one will notice it. This may seem like a trivial point but his action is symptomatic of the denial that many smokers still exhibit about smoking and its effects.

Sounds as if I’m being unfair, but the reality is that for a smoker to quit they have to get real about the problem.

It is killing them. Denial wont change that, dismissing it by saying that we all die from something is just crazy. Yes we all have to die but not in such a slow painful way.

Smoking is making them social outcasts. In most social situations smokers have to go outside in the cold heat or rain to smoke, they have to leave friends or family just to top up with nicotine.

Some smokers are in such denial that they ignore the obvious. One client with emphysema said her husband still smoked in the house because he could do what he wanted and it didn’t affect her anyway. What a jerk.

Many smokers think others cant smell the smoke if they walk a few paces away, they also don’t think others can smell the smoke on them. I once had my hair cut by a hairdresser who had obviously had a smoke before seeing me. Her hands were stinking of cigarettes.

Most smokers don’t life smelling cigarettes on others but they don’t really appreciate just how much non smokers object to smelling cigarettes anywhere.

So what they say, well nothing unless it affects someone’s health, or it affects clients or puts your job at risk. Or perhaps their smell can cost them a potential relationship.

I probably sound like some anti smoking campaigner. But the above is the reality, if you stop and think about it is hard to logically deny.

Quitting may seem tough but with advanced hypnosis its easy than you can imagine. Soon you will be passed having to live with a house car and clothes that smell like an ashtray. Soon you will be able to breathe easier and more energy, and yes you will have to die sometime but maybe it will be from old age in your sleep.


To quit smoking the fast easy way just leave your details in the box to the right or call 1300 203 422 in Australia

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All the best

Ian Newton

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How To Quit Smoking…4 Ways To Connect To your Other Life Successes

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Hi Future Non Smokers

For many people they approach quitting smoking with a degree of fear and trepidation,
yet in other areas of their lives they are successful or at least have had successes and faced challenges. These experiences can be brought to the present.
If you were able to view a movie of your life, it would be longer than titanic. Now if you
filtered that movie and just left in the moment or events that were successful or just made
you feel great to remember, then the movie would be shorter but still considerable in

The point is that these collective memories which are locked into a compartment of your

harnessed into a powerful force to help you in your present quest to quit smoking.

There are a number of ways to make this reconnection from the past.

  1. Day dreaming is something we all do, so why not day dream about your successes and boost your current self confidence.
  2. Talk about these successes in the context of quitting smoking to friends and family, this way you link those two events and you re-enforce your ability and belief in yourself to be successful and therefore it boosts your confidence to give up the smokes for good
  3. Visualise. Just as the elite sports people do, so can you. Firstly you relax, close your eyes let your mind wander to some successful events.

This positively charges up your nervous system. Next you see yourself giving up smoking and see yourself in situations in which you used to smoke but now you are there as a successful non smoker.


4. The most powerful way is to do step three, but when you feel the emotion rising create an anchor. For this purpose it could be as simple as squeezing a finger and thumb together. Repeat this for several powerful positive memories. Then as you visualise being a non smoker, activate that anchor.


The use of this anchor is that when you quit you activate your anchor when you feel like smoking, and your nervous system will flood you with the great feelings from the past. Like any activity the more you do it the more powerful and effective it becomes.


Of course you can also use this anchor anytime you just want to feel good, in any situation. You can create anchors also for confidence, being calm, energy or anything you want.

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All the best

Ian Newton

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How To Quit Smoking… By Understanding The Old Reasons Are False

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Most people started smoking in their early teens. The worse thing a teenager can feel is being different. So when the group were smoking the teen starts for two reasons. To feel good and to avoid pain. Its only when you finally understand that these old reasons are false that you can break the bonds of nicotine.

Remember back to your teens, by smoking you become a part of the group. This makes you feel good. By smoking you avoid being excluded from the group. This helps you avoid pain.

These duel messages of smoking makes me feel good and smoking helps me avoid pain become lodged into your subconscious.

As time goes on every time you become stressed your unconscious reminds you that smoking will help you avoid pain and make you feel good. Here is the problem; you really believe that smoking is a solution to your stress.

To successfully quit smoking you must first realise that these old reasons to smoke are false and then introduce new beliefs that will support your role as a non smoker. The very best way to do this is through advanced hypnosis.

By being guided into hypnosis your mind goes into a focussed learning state, where just like a young child you can easily take on new information.

Firstly the old beliefs are removed by simply suggesting that these thoughts no longer support you and that smoking actually causes more stress. Next new ideas are suggested to help you manage stress. Such as deep breathing.

Or we set up specific anchors which can be activated whenever you feel stress. This is done in the hypnosis process and allows you to access past feelings of success, happiness etc which can be used in the present to fight off any feelings of wanting to smoke.

You can also consciously drive new beliefs into your unconscious mind. Affirmations are the perfect way. By repeating a positive phrase such as; I am a fresh air breathing person and I love being healthy.

Affirmations take time to sink in but are successful over time. Visualisations are similar. Just relax, take a few breaths and imagine yourself in smoking situations, but see that you are easily being a non smoker. See yourself enjoying your life as a non smoker.

This is very powerful, but again it takes some time. But it is certainly worth your while. In my experience the most effective method is to have advanced hypnosis, plus do the visualisation and affirmations. Too much work? How badly do you want to quit smoking?

So if you have had enough of smoking just go to the home page and leave your details or call us on 1300 203 422 in Australia.


Ian Newton

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