About quitting smoking In 60 minutes

Hi future fresh air breathers
You could spend a lot of time and effort worrying about how you will quit smoking. You can watch the quit ads on TV, read the government warnings and talk to your doctor about quit drugs. You can decide to go cold turkey, but you know how hard that is.

There is just one thing you need to know about quitting smoking. It’s that you can do it. No matter what you have tried before, no matter how many you smoke each day or how long you have been smoking. You can quit.

All you need to know is how! The answer is simple. When you consider the methods listed above none of them can possibly manage your emotional attachment s to smoking. None of them addresses why you have a cigarette with your morning coffee.

None of them solves the issue of smoking when bored, and none of them certainly help you when you are stressed.

To solve these issues you need a method which deals with your non conscious mind. A method which releases your old connections to cigarettes and helps you create a new image of yourself as a non smoker.

The solution is a combination of advanced hypnosis , Neuro Linguistic Programming and Emotional Freedom Technique. Each of these have a fine reputation for helping people quit, but blend them together and you have a powerful remedy for those nasty cigarettes.

Now you know all you ever need to know about quitting smoking. All that is left is to make the decision and take action. You will be surprised how easy it will be.

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Wishing you a healthy future
Ian Newton

Is It Possible To Ever Have Just One Smoke

Hi future fresh air breathers.
I would like a dollar for every time a smoker has told me the reason they started smoking again was that they thought they would have just one smoke. People have been smoking and quitting, smoking and quitting for so long that you would think the message would be known far and wide amongst smokers that there is no such thing as just one smoke.

I’m OK to drive I haven’t much to drink, Don’t worry it’s not really dangerous, no one will catch, I’ll just have one smoke. How many of these self delusions do you practice? We all do it. We want to avoid the problem and somehow convince ourselves that we have more self control than every other person who has ever started smoking again.

When you quit, no matter what method you use you will become a smoker again if you have just one. But no one ever has one cigarette as a non smoker. Somewhere a desire has crept in a chain of thoughts. The thought of being a non smoker is replaced with another thought.

Perhaps it’s as simple as I’ll just have one cigarette it won’t matter. Sometimes it’s even more simple, what the heck I’ll just have one. So what if I have a smoke with a beer.

This thought is just fine if you are happy to be a smoker again and are prepared to live with all the risks. But if you really want to be a non smoker then the idea of having just one smoke is plain crazy.

Your mantra is simple. Never have one cigarette or even one puff again.

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Wishing you a healthy life
Ian Newton

60 Minutes To quit smoking…The Side Effects Of Quitting Smoking.

Hi future fresh air breathers.

When most people think about the side effects of quitting they typically think about such problems as constipation, excess saliva, headaches, anger or feeling stressed. Did you know that all of these are completely unnecessary?

Because the gut has nicotine receptors your bowel function can be affected, constipation is the most likely. You can get diarrhea also because the caffeine you get from your many coffees will not be broken down as quickly now that your nicotine supply has gone.

Anger and upsets are common symptoms as you now have to find other ways to manage your emotions other than cigarettes.
Other side effects of quitting smoking can be producing excess saliva. This is a bi-product of changes occurring in the brain as nicotine is withdrawn.

Stress is a common response. Because the smoker believes that they are able to manage their stress with smoking, when it is taken away they don’t have a means of dealing with their problems.

Headaches can also occur as the stress of quitting becomes too much to manage.

Here is the important information about quitting: you don’t have to experience any of these unpleasant side effects. If you are guided through the process of quitting then you will be free of pain when you quit.

You can now focus on the other side effects of quitting, such as breathing easier, more energy, feeling healthier and less stressed. This is the reality of quitting by using advanced hypnosis and NLP to quit. Which side effects would you prefer to experience?

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Wishing you the best of health
Ian Newton.

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60 Minutes To Quit Smoking On Skype

Hi future non smoker.
There are many ways to quit smoking, cold turkey, nicotine patches, champix and hypnosis. The latter is well known to be the most successful. The question is can you do hypnosis over Skype?

There are some popular television programmes in which subjects are hypnotised. Have you ever wondered why you only see a part of the process? When Elen DeGeneres received hypnosis from Paul McKenna to help her quit smoking, the viewers only saw a part of it.

The reason why is simple. The producers couldn’t risk viewers becoming hypnotised. Not that the process was in any way dangerous but it couldn’t be guaranteed that the viewers could be brought out of their trance state.
After all someone could walk in and change the channel. Or there could be a black out. When a client is hypnotised they have their eyes closed and they just relax and listen. There is no need for physical contact between the practitioner and the client.

So to stop smoking on Skype is simple. Initially each person sees each other, there is a brief discussion and then the client closes their eyes and relaxes. At this point it doesn’t really matter if the hypnotist is in the same room or on the other side of the world.

It isn’t even a problem if the sound and vision aren’t exactly in time, because with your eyes closed you have no idea what is happening on the screen.

Any supporting material can simply be digitally downloaded. So it doesn’t matter where you live, if you have a broadband connect and a reasonable quiet space you can stop smoking on Skype just as successfully as if you were there in person with the therapist.

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Ian Newton

11 Important Thoughts For When You Want To give up smoking.

Hi future non smokers.

So often people just reach a point when they throw their hands in the air and declare that they are going to give up smoking. This happens especially around New Years Eve. But before you jump into quitting cigarettes there are a few point s to consider.

1. What have you tried before? Did it work?
2. If you have quit before why did you start again
3. How will you prevent a re-occurrence of past failures?
4. Did you suffer withdrawals previously?
5. Do you really want to quit, or are you doing it to please someone else.
6. Do you believe that you can quit.
7. Are you fully committed to quitting?
8. Do you know why you still smoke?
9. Are you exactly clear on why you want to quit, not just some general reason, such as for your health.
10. What would be your biggest most compelling reason to quit smoking?
11. What is smoking costing you, in dollar terms and in health terms?

Thinking about these points and answering honestly to yourself can help you to quit. You will know the cost to your pocket and health and you will know that you don’t want to repeat past mistakes.

Using advanced hypnosis is the best way to quit smoking for good without the craving s of cold turkey and it also covers the emotional links that patches can’t manage.

So when you really want to give up smoking . When you have had enough of the coughing and smelly clothes and hair, when you are sick of well meaning people nagging you just consider these points and take action.

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Wishing you a happy successful future
Ian Newton

60 Minutes To quit smoking…I Quit smoking!

Hi future non smokers.

I quit smoking could be the most important words you ever say. Those simple three words will say so much about your future. Your wellbeing and your quality of life.
To quit smoking will cause changes you may not even have thought about yet.

The I quit smoking, Important changes.

1. In one year from the day you quit you will be able to get much reduced life insurance premiums. Saving you a lot of money each year.

2. If you should need heart surgery in the future you will now be back on the list. Do you know that many busy hospitals keep smokers off the surgery list because they are poor risks?

3. In just a few months you will be able to have your current medications reviewed. As many of your risks are reduced, medications for diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol, just to name a few can be reviewed.

4. If you take nutritional supplements you will start to get some value from them and your reserves of nutrients will be increasing in your body.

5. Every cell in your body will be healthier and functioning better.

6. Your lungs are able to work better and you can transport more oxygen around your system.

7. You will be able to think clearer with less toxins and more oxygen in your brain.
8. Your skin will look more youthful as the months pass by.

9. You will be less stressed as your system rids itself of the smoking toxins.

So those simple words I quit smoking are going to lead you forward into a life of health and wellbeing.

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Wishing you the best of health
Ian Newton

60 Minutes To Quit smoking…Gory Warnings Make People Smoke!

Hi future non smokers.

In various countries there are different warnings on cigarette packets. In Portugal the words “Smoking Kills” are prominent. In Australia there are gruesome pictures of mouth cancer depicted in gory prominence on every pack.

There is also a call for cigarette packets to carry no branding in many western countries. But according to research these efforts by governments simply don’t work.

In the book buy-ology by Martin Lindstrom he provides conclusive evidence that not only have the government efforts failed to convince smokers that they should quit, these ad campaigns have stimulated people to smoke.

Using MRI-magnetic resonance imaging to analyse people brains it was discovered that when a smoker sees a gruesome image they consciously admit that they want to stop, but their brain actually lights up in the area associated with craving.

Another test was to place a smoker in a plush room and have them smoke. The cigarette oozed greenish fat, but again instead of turning off the smokers, their brains filtered out the sickly image and noticed that connection between the cigarette and the plush surroundings, again triggering desire in the smoker.

The non conscious mind maintains very strong ties to the cool, sophisticated or manly accusations that have been formed in the minds of people, even if they hadn’t seen such ads for over 20 years.

Creating new positive links to not smoking would appear to be far more successful than trying to scare smokers into quitting. In advanced hypnosis this is exactly what is done and may explain the high success rate of this method.

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Wishing you the best of health
Ian Newton

60 Minutes To quit smoking…Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey

Going cold turkey is still the most popular way smokers attempt to quit cigarettes. However it is possibly the least successful.

Cold turkey is not just quitting without any other support. Most people using nicotine replacement therapy are effectively going cold turkey. Nicotine replacement has a low success rate because it doesn’t manage any of the emotional issues connected with.

Cold turkey  has a 7% success rate. Yet most people choose this method because it is free and they believe that they will be able to master their emotions.

Most of us can’t say no to chocolate or desert in a restaurant. Most of us don’t have the will power to get out of bed and exercise each day. Few of us have the willpower to eat a good diet.

Yet so many believe that they will break the powerful habit of smoking with force of will. Unfortunately it is doomed to failure for most, and a feeling of being unable to manage our lives descends.

There is no shame in not being able to stop smoking cold turkey! Your subconscious mind has some very solid connections to smoking locked in to it’s framework. You can’t just barge in with will poor and dislodge these connections.

The most successful way is to gently approach the sub-conscious is by using advanced hypnosis to subtly enter and release all the old connections to being a smoker and introduce new positive connections to being a non smoker.

This method is completely safe and doesn’t incur the stress of quitting with cold turkey.

To take your first step to becoming a non smoker just leave your details.

Looking forward to assisting you to great health

Ian Newton

60 minutes to Quit Smoking…Plain Packaging Can It Work?

Hi future non smokers.
In the USA and Australia there is a move to enforce the removal of branding on cigarette packets.
Plain packaging is supposed to prevent new smokers from taking up the habit.Wow how dumb are the anti smoking lobby.

They just don’t have a clue as to why young people are taking up smoking at an alarming rate.In the past it was peer pressure. Now it is the young thumbing their nose at authority. they don’t like being told what to do.

Plus up until the age of 25 most young people have poorly developed frontal lobes in their brain. this means that risk taking is not able to properly accessed. They think they are invincible and can quit whenever they want. And no amount of posturing from old law makers will ever change that.

If you are young and reading this just remember smoker makes you ugly and causes sexual dysfunction. If that scares you just leave your details and we will help you to quit.

All the best
Ian newton

60 Minutes To quit smoking…Points About quitting Smoking

Hi future non smokers
You know you need to quit smoking, you know you want to stop that deadly habit, your friends and family and your doctor and dentist all tell you the same thing. But you may be confused about quitting smoking.

How to do it, what will happen afterwards, fear of loss of the smoking friend and fear of the side effects of quitting are all common concerns.

How you quit will probably be determined by the experience of your friends. If a friend got a good result then you may be inclined to follow their example. Some people pick up a brochure or google quit smoking.

Fear is perhaps the area of interest that most people want to know about. The fear of change, the fear of loss, the fear of the unknown these are the things to be faced.

So what do you need to know about quitting smoking?
Fear of Loss.
Even though you are losing the worst friend you could ever have, cigarettes are still a friend to many people. Just think about a friend from the past, who let you down, a friend who lied to you or cheated on you. A friend who stole from you or deceived you. This is your smoking friend!
Fear of change.

Change can be exciting or worrying. If you focus on the benefits of being a non smoker it will be easier for you. See yourself in the future with more energy, breathing easier and with more cash in your pocket. This will make it easier to accept the change of quitting.

Fear of the unknown.
The biggest unknown fear is about the side effects of quitting smoking. My answer is simple. If you use advanced hypnosis to quit there aren’t any side effects. Anything else and good luck!

Just leave your details and you will be taking the first step to your new non smoking life
All the best

Ian Newton

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