My CD Home Study Programme Is A Perfect Way For

You To Quit Smoking In Your Own Time From The

Comfort Of Your Own Home



5 Simple Steps you need to do to quit smoking


1. Commit 100% to quitting smoking for life

2. Purchase this guaranteed programme

3. Give yourself the time for 3-5 consecutive days.

4. Find a quiet space free from interruptions and phones. Perhaps your car!

5. Imagine yourself easily being free from smoking in one week, one month and one year.

6. Approach the programme with complete confidence and belief in yourself.





Your 90 no questions asked money guarantee

The CD home study programme includes:

CD 1.

Track 1. Bust through the smoking myths. You will discover that many of your beliefs about smoking are nothing more than urban myths.

Track 2. Prepare to quit. You will learn a powerful method to harness your past successes and link them not only to quitting cigarettes but to all aspects of your life.

CD 2.

This CD is your core quit smoking hypnosis track. You will be taken to exactly the right level of trace to allow you to easily quit smoking for life.


CD 3.

This CD is critical to your long term success as a non smoker. Stress is the number one reason people return to smoking. This CD will help you reduce and manage stress.

Track 1. Breathe deeply to not only rehabilitate your lungs but to reduce stress.

Track 2. This breathing technique is a diffuse method to redirect you away from stressful thoughts, while the relaxation centres of your brain allow you to naturally become calmer.

Track 3. Is a special method scientifically proven to reduce stress and boost your immune system.


CD 4.

Your continued success. This is a mini version of the main hypnosis session for you to quickly use to keep you on track.


PS This programme will usually work in just one session. But to be absolutely sure I recommend that you repeat CD 2. at least twice more.

PPS You have our 90 no questions asked money guarantee