CD Programme




My CD Home Quit Programme Is A Perfect Way For

You To Quit Smoking In Your Own Time From The

Comfort Of Your Own Home



6 Simple Steps you need to do to quit smoking


1. Commit 100% to quitting smoking for life

2. Purchase this guaranteed programme, via the button below or email me at (copy & paste) or call 1300 203 422 if in Australia.

3. I send you your questionaire by email, plus a video link to provide you with vital quit information. You complete it and send it back online or by mail.

4. Imagine yourself easily being free from smoking in one week, one month and one year.

5. I prepare a CD quit session for you based on your specific information. I then send you the CD plus a link to a support session.

6. Approach the programme with complete confidence and belief in yourself. You deserve to be healthy.

7. Give yourself the time for 3-5 consecutive days, to listen to the CD. Find a quiet space free from interruptions and phones. Perhaps your car!






Your 90 no questions asked money guarantee


Plus you receive a second CD

This CD is critical to your long term success as a non smoker. Stress is the number one reason people return to smoking. This CD will help you reduce and manage stress.

Track 1. Breathe deeply to not only rehabilitate your lungs but to reduce stress.

Track 2. This breathing technique is a diffuse method to redirect you away from stressful thoughts, while the relaxation centres of your brain allow you to naturally become calmer.

Track 3. Is a special method scientifically proven to reduce stress and boost your immune system.





 The simple reason why this programme is so effective compared to the average results of the  of the shelf CD’s, is that the CD you receive is all about you.

  • About your most important reasons for quitting.
  • Your current health health issues and future concerns.
  • About your exact triggers.
  • The special places and times you smoke.
  • How you use cigarettes to manage your stress.

I’m sure you realise that now, is the time to take action.

Ian Newton