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60 Minutes To quit smoking…Money to Burn

Quitting smoking is easier than you may have ever imagined. Even if you have tried before unsuccessfully, I can now offer you a permanent solution

Hi. I know as a smoker you are constantly reminded about the cost. The taxes seem to rise every few months, which only makes it worse.

But have you thought what you could really do with the money in your pocket rather than spending it on cigarettes?

3 packs per week would give you enough for a nice holiday each year.

4 packs a week could pay off a compact car.

7 packs a week could give you enough deposit for a rental property in just a few years or fund a child through university.

Or quitting now could just improve your quality of life, just taking the pressure off your finances.

Not to mention the huge saving on medical bills in the years to come.

you Can Quit Now Ph: 1300 203 422

Ian Newton


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