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How To quit smoking…Even If your Are very Nervous

April 10, 2012
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Hi Future Non smokers

Many people desperately want to quit smoking but they are very nervous, some are outright scared. They are afraid of what will happen to them without cigarettes. This is natural because the cigarettes have been a part of their lives for so long.

For a smoker the one constant in their lives is smoking. At every stressful event there was the cigarette. At every celebration there was a smoke. At every social function the occasion was shared with your favourite brand.

It’s not surprising that many smokers are scared of what will happen if they quit. Some have said they are worried that they won’t know what to do with themselves if they can’t smoke.

The question I always ask is, what do you think that non smokers do, how do you think that they handle life’s situations.

The answer is always the same, I don’t know. Fear of change is a common human emotion, but there are some things you can do to prepare yourself for this life changing event.

Firstly the fear is coming from the future imaging of life without smoking. This creates a sense of uncertainty and humans are not comfortable with uncertainty. The smoker is so geared to smoking that when they look into a non smoking future they are filled with fear.

The first thing to do is to make a list of all the times you like to smoke and situations in which you use smoking to manage your stress, boredom or to relax.

Next it’s time to do some day dreaming. Don’t tackle all these situations at once, just one at a time. Relax, close your eyes and see yourself driving just listening to music or enjoying the breeze coming in the window etc.

The point with each situation you imagine it is important to visualise yourself doing that thing without smoking. It is important to see yourself being calm and enjoying or managing the situation.

If you are feeling very stressed, imagine you are seeing these situations with you not smoking on a big screen. Like watching a movie, you are calm and detached. As you become more relaxed then you can be the person not smoking.

Do this in the days leading up to your hypnosis session to quit smoking. You will feel much calmer and in a much more positive frame of mind to tackle your new life as a non smoker.

To quit smoking the fast easy way just leave your details in the box to the right or call 1300 203 422 in Australia

All the best

Ian Newton


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