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How To Quit Smoking…When Nicotine Isn’t An Issue.

May 5, 2012
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Hi Future Non Smokers

While quitting smoking nicotine withdrawal is the primary concern with the medical profession and government health departments. Most drug therapy is geared at solving the drug addiction. This probably accounts for the dismal success of nicotine replacement therapy.

This leaves smoker with a big problem, if nicotine isn’t the problem then what is? The problem is less than you might imagine as the majority of smokers already know that most cigarettes they have during the day have nothing at all to do with nicotine.

One smoker reported that on one hand he thinks that he is are but then he realises that they can go for hours without a smoke if they have to. He will often not smoke around his children for many hours at family functions.

On returning home he heads out to the shed for a smoke because he must need one. He knows that he is not nicotine addicted but simply has a very strong habit.

His experience is typical; he admits that if he had the opportunity he would smoke at any opportunity. This is the case for many smokers; the connections are a series of habits not an addiction.

The good news is it is much easier to break habits no matter how strong they are, than to break a true chemical addiction.

Advanced hypnosis is the perfect way to break these habits. Their origins are locked away in the sub conscious. Hypnosis gently and safely accesses the roots of these habits, and replaces these connections with new links.

New connections are made to being a non smoker. Such as having coffee or tea or alcohol and enjoying them even more without smoking.

Driving and making phone calls without smoking, being able to think even more clearly and work better without smoking.

In fact any activity whether it be working playing, partying, studying, relaxed, calm or stressed all of these activities and states are much better without smoking. All of these connections can be easily established during hypnosis.

Once a smoker understands this it takes a lot of pressure off them. They can feel that inspite of everything they have heard about quitting that they can finally do it.

They also realise that their past failed attempts were mostly just the strong connections to smoking in their sub conscious and the almost universal belief amongst smokers that it is very difficult. In the words of Henry Ford. If you think you can or you think you can’t either way you are right.

To quit smoking the fast easy way just leave your details in the box to the right or call 1300 203 422 in Australia.

We can easily help you quit smoking anywhere in the world via Skype. Just leave your details and we can make contact. And free you from smoking ASAP
All the best
Ian Newton


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