How To Quit Smoking…Understand Your Special Cigarettes

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Hi Future Non Smokers

Every smoker has those special cigarettes. The ones they think about and plan for. They ones that take their entire attention, stop them thinking until they have them. If you want to know how to quit smoking the first thing is to identify these smokes.

Once you clearly know when these times are, such as first thing in the morning with coffee, at the end of the day with beer or a glass of wine, perhaps its exactly 10.15 for a work break, you can then begin to see the pattern of your smoking.

You will also realize that the other smokes of the day are just gap fillers, and for most smokers they could survive quite easily without these extra cigarettes.

Any smoker knows that in some circumstances they can easily double their smoking over drinks or at a party. They get in a certain mood and just keep on lighting up.

They also know that if they decide to cut down, that they can. But cutting back on smoking isn’t just a random act. Smokers only leave out those gap filling cigarettes, never the special ones. Sure it is beneficial to your health to cut back, any your loved ones will think you are on track to quitting entirely.

But in the scheme of quitting, cutting out the non important smokers, doesn’t have any relevance. It’s just a show of quitting. But the smoker knows they haven’t really achieved anything.

Many smokers unconsciously smoke, that is they light up without even thinking about it, and often only smoke a part of the cigarette. These acts are meaningless; it is the special cigarettes which have the real hold on them.

These smokes have strong mental and emotional connections. It is these bonds which have to be broken in order to become a non smoker for life.

Take a moment to understand your special cigarettes, such as what you really get out of relaxing on your patio with a smoke and a glass of wine, or where the real benefit comes from walking away from your computer for a few minutes. You will then begin to see that these special cigarettes are not so special it is the rituals built around them that are special.

Recognising this is your first step to becoming a non smoker for life. The next is to take action an seek out an hypnosis specialist. This is the only way to break those bonds.

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Ian Newton

How To Quit Smoking…When Nicotine Isn’t An Issue.

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Hi Future Non Smokers

While quitting smoking nicotine withdrawal is the primary concern with the medical profession and government health departments. Most drug therapy is geared at solving the drug addiction. This probably accounts for the dismal success of nicotine replacement therapy.

This leaves smoker with a big problem, if nicotine isn’t the problem then what is? The problem is less than you might imagine as the majority of smokers already know that most cigarettes they have during the day have nothing at all to do with nicotine.

One smoker reported that on one hand he thinks that he is are but then he realises that they can go for hours without a smoke if they have to. He will often not smoke around his children for many hours at family functions.

On returning home he heads out to the shed for a smoke because he must need one. He knows that he is not nicotine addicted but simply has a very strong habit.

His experience is typical; he admits that if he had the opportunity he would smoke at any opportunity. This is the case for many smokers; the connections are a series of habits not an addiction.

The good news is it is much easier to break habits no matter how strong they are, than to break a true chemical addiction.

Advanced hypnosis is the perfect way to break these habits. Their origins are locked away in the sub conscious. Hypnosis gently and safely accesses the roots of these habits, and replaces these connections with new links.

New connections are made to being a non smoker. Such as having coffee or tea or alcohol and enjoying them even more without smoking.

Driving and making phone calls without smoking, being able to think even more clearly and work better without smoking.

In fact any activity whether it be working playing, partying, studying, relaxed, calm or stressed all of these activities and states are much better without smoking. All of these connections can be easily established during hypnosis.

Once a smoker understands this it takes a lot of pressure off them. They can feel that inspite of everything they have heard about quitting that they can finally do it.

They also realise that their past failed attempts were mostly just the strong connections to smoking in their sub conscious and the almost universal belief amongst smokers that it is very difficult. In the words of Henry Ford. If you think you can or you think you can’t either way you are right.

To quit smoking the fast easy way just leave your details in the box to the right or call 1300 203 422 in Australia.

We can easily help you quit smoking anywhere in the world via Skype. Just leave your details and we can make contact. And free you from smoking ASAP
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Ian Newton

3 Steps To Quitting If You Have Had Past Drug Addictions.

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Hi Future Non Smokers

Many people who are addicted to drugs like heroin, cocaine or alcohol are smokers as well. The patterns of addiction run deep. As each addiction is solved a greater need is taken up by the next addiction in line.

Usually smoking is the last addiction in the queue. The problem now is that cigarettes have been given the task of managing all of the problems that the drugs have been believed to solve.

The key for a previously addicted person to quit the smokes is to come to terms with exactly what the nicotine is managing in their lives and to employ a range of tactics to firstly to prepare for quitting.

1. Congratulate yourself for quitting the other drugs. You have done a fantastic job.
2. Support your body in advance, exercise diet and multi supplements. You don’t have to take radical steps just work your way towards an overall better state of health.
3. Take time to learn to relax and meditate.

These three steps are specifically designed to support and prepare your nervous system for the change ahead, which importantly is going to render you addiction free possibly for the first time in many years.

Once your wellbeing is improved, and this should only take a few weeks the next thing to do is to book an appointment for some hypnosis. By advising your therapist of your exact history you will be able to free yourself of the last chains of addiction.

By breaking all of those old connections and triggers some of which you have been clinging to for years you will be free. But you must avoid falling into a trap.

This trap is trying to fill the void in your life, which drugs used to fill, with some other bad behaviour. The trick is to firstly recognise this void and embrace it. Next some of the void must be filled with healthy behaviours.

This way you will stay drug free. Plus you will become dramatically more healthy. To an extent that you may never have believed possible.

Many smokers trying to quit who have had other addictions are very nervous about quitting cigarettes. So don’t rush in, a few weeks won’t make any difference. Take your time do the three steps prepare yourself physically mentally and emotionally.

Use you past drug withdrawal success as a springboard. You have done it before and you will do it again.