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How To Quit Smoking Cigarettes

It has given me the willpower I need to not smoke in the future. I want to have a healthy life and smoking was the one thing that was preventing me from my goal. It is easy and I will make not smoking easy as well, as opposed to battling with my will
M Clancy

Hi Ian,

Just thought I’d drop you a quick email to advise we are both still non-smokers and feeling much much better overall.

Thanks again for your help.

Best Regards

M Rondo

I know now that I won’t ever smoke again. All that I can want now is possible. Good health, seeing my family grow up and marry and for myself to be able to take over my life again. Thank you Ian

L Whitburn

Despite my strong desire to stop I haven’t been successful-Ian has eroded my belief systems and I am feeling exceptionally free and confident as a non smoker. Thank you Ian

C  Dowse

I had tried so much and nothing worked. I had no idea how much emotion I had about what I was doing to my self and my kids. I am confident that I will never smoke again

C. Taylor

I am now a non smoker. Thank you very much for all your advice and friendship

H. Cleal

Although I wasn’t sure of the process, I did want to give up even though I have tried before. The technique that Ian has created is what I needed to giver me that extra hand to totally give up smoking.

M. Warren